Enabling Dentists To Participate More Profitably With Insurance

Insurance Solutions For Dentists Including:

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PPO Improvements

Analysis, fee negotiation and PPO optimization to increase profitability. 

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Start Ups

Negotiation, UCR fees, credentialing and optimized setup of insurance PPOs to start your practice.

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PPO Exploration

Explore, negotiate, assess financial impact and credential for practices considering adding PPOs.

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PPO exploration, negotiation, set-up, and credentialing for your new practice.

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Tired of having high write-offs, and low profit?

If your practice is already participating with numerous PPOs you may be feeling frustrated, angry or even depressed with low profit margins because of the PPO fees.

Insurance participation is a complex mix of different fee schedules, different networks, different relationships, different rules and different options.

The good news is this — the more plans you have then the more options you have. And that means more opportunities as well to make practicing dentistry more enjoyable….and more profitable!

We can help to assess your various PPO options and opportunities, develop a plan to improve your PPO profitability and execute that plan. In doing so you can focus on your patients and delivering quality care while knowing that the PPO aspects of your practice are being looked after, improved and optimized.

Starting a new dental practice, and wondering about ppo participation and credentialing?

Many dentists chose to participate with PPOs when starting a scratch practice. And many times it is the right thing to do!

But with the dozens of different plans, shared networks and third-party administrators and what are often HUGE differences in fee schedules how can you be sure to enroll in the right plans, and do so in a manner that gives you the highest fees for the care you’ll provide?

The difference between just signing up and optimized participation isn’t thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars it is frequently HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars. Its your financial future….learn more about how to optimize it!

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Thinking of adding PPOs to your existing practice?

If you’ve got an established practice and are considering starting to take PPOs, or even adding a few new PPOs it is a big decision.

How can you sign up for plans and do the least amount of damage to your existing revenues? How will it impact your current patients? Should you sign up for a third-party PPO administrator? Will network-sharing be the best option? Direct contacts? Limited participation agreements?

The reality is that there are a lot of options for a practice to consider, the fees can and do frequently vary significantly AND an understanding of the impact on your existing practice revenues and patients is key!

Buying a practice? How will ppos and credentialing be handled?

Purchasing a dental practice is the option many doctors choose to further their career and the retention of patients after the purchase is completed is crucial.  For many buyers this means being credentialed with, and participating in, the PPO plans that the seller participated with had in order to maintain continuity.

Many practice buyers also are interested in additional PPO participation if fees can be negotiated to an attractive level.  If you’d like more information on how services from Profitable PPOs can help you avoid costly mistakes, credential with PPOs and maximize your insurance revenue as a new buyer click below!

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Did You Know?

With dozens of different PPOs in dentistry today there are many different options for participation AND increased profitability! Have you explored these options for YOUR practice? Enter your name and information below to receive more information on services for your practice, startup or purchase!


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