“We have used the team at Profitable PPOs for over 6 years now. We began with them at the recommendation of another dentist. If I were being fair, I would probably send the referring dentist a check every year to say thank you. They have been incredibly helpful with everything we’ve done around our insurance usage in the practice. Having Profitable PPOs has allowed us to help patients accomplish more of the needed treatment and has increased the practice bottom line in the process. We recently made a change in the path of processing claims with one insurance company that pens out to more than $100k to our bottom line. I have recommended Profitable PPOs to many and everyone that has signed up has seen fantastic results as well.  Dentists and the office team just don’t have the knowledge or time to do what the tam at Profitable PPOs do and it’s not worth it to try to figure it out – we’ll never stay as current as they are.” – Dr Tony Brock, Stetson Village Family Dental

“THANKS! I used to hate looking at our practice management reports and seeing how much we were writing off every month because of PPO’s. Honestly, I’d look at how hard I was working, how little I was netting and how much was being lost to PPO write-offs and I’d feel sick.. .it made me question why I was even doing dentistry. Today our write-offs have gone down a huge amount, and our profit  is way up. I never knew this was possible.” –  Dr Tim Cooper

“The single most profitable decision I’ve made in 17 years has been hiring Profitable PPOs, and the single most costly mistake I’ve made was waiting a year to do it.”Dr L. Dillard, Nashville, TN

“As a dentist there seems to be hundreds of companies out there that “Want to help you improve your bottom line”  or make it so you can sit on the beach while you rake in tons of cash.  So I am always leery when a company is pitched at a convention or by a barrage of emails.  I decided to take the chance with Profitable PPOs and have been extremely satisfied.  It is amazing the things they know, that you didn’t know you didn’t know.  The vast knowledge they have shared with us and helped us utilize has been amazing.  There is no way a dentist could do this by themselves.  The insurance world is a tangled mess, and the people at Profitable PPOs know exactly how to navigate that landscape.  We have been extremely happy with what they have done and feel that we are continuing to benefit by what they are doing.  Besides their understanding of what they are doing, their communication has been great.  Email updates have been very informative, and when we sit down to review things on the phone they are organized and know exactly where you stand with each insurance company you are contracted with.  I am really amazed with how well they do their job.  I would recommend Profitable PPOs to any dentist who takes insurance or is thinking about taking insurances.  Do not do anything without talking to them first.” – Dr. Thor Thorson

“I just want to say we are so happy we found Profitable PPO.  Y’all have done a great job!” – Jo Ann Bedford, Bedford Family Dentistry

“Profitable PPOs has not only helped my practice gain a better understanding of the dental benefit marketplace but has greatly increased the profitability of my practice.  Their services have been indispensable in gaining more financial stability, not giving away discounted dental care to 3rd party dental benefit carriers and being able to afford the latest technology to provide superior patient care.  I would not have the amazing practice I currently have without Profitable PPO’s expertise and dedication in obtaining financial independence.  I would recommend their services to any of my colleagues!”Dr M. Ertl, Asheville, NC

“I am ecstatic with the increases.” – Dr. DeLucia

“Clint Johnson, Kelly Hammer, and The Team of Profitable PPO have been Awesome to work with this past year. Their #1 priority is YOU the Dentist & working hard to increase your profitability. Over the past year teaming up with Profitable PPO was one of the Best decisions we made in our practice. They were able to increase our profitability substantially in the short time we have been with them & we look forward to working with them in 2018.” – Traci WaldSchmidt

“I find our association with Professional PPO to be incredibly valuable and necessary.  It is one of our most profitable partnerships.  The Professional PPO team have analyzed the extremely complex credentialing and contracting issues inherent in joining together many dental offices with varied histories.  They proposed well-thought-out plans related to credentialing and optimizing for higher PPO fees.  Then, they guided us through executing the plan in record time.  In most of our offices, we have seen upwards of a 30% increase in our contracted PPO fees.  The doctors in our group are absolutely thrilled with the results.  I cannot recommend Profitable PPO highly enough.” – Melissa, Signature Dental Partners

“Thank you for all of your hard work and effort in organizing our Insurance PPOs and making those profitable for us.  I was referred to your company by my trusted Financial Planner after seeing how my insurance reimbursements were all trending downward.  The dental insurance industry is a tricky maze of contracted plans, with confusing language, and difficult to navigate.  Your company re-organized, negotiated better fee schedules, and helped us weed out the things dragging our reimbursements down.  You delivered and exceeded on every promise you made when we first started, and were so easy to work with.  Both my insurance coordinator and I couldn’t be happier and would highly recommend your company to my colleagues.”

 Sincerely, Paul Iaropoli, DDS