Hi, I’m Clinton Johnson, the founder of Profitable PPOs and thanks for visiting our website!

When working with us you’ll be able to interact with a team of professionals committed to helping you, including:

  • Data Coordinators who help gather and assess your practice information and participation
  • Project Coordinators who work with you, and for you, to help improve your ppo profitability
  • Credentialing Coordinators who assist in the necessary paperwork to obtain network participation status
  • Team Leaders who work directly with you to identify options and opportunities, develop a game plan specific to your practice and oversee the steps.

Our team approach is geared towards:

  1. Improving the ppo profitability of established practices,
  2. Helping practices (either start-ups or established practices) to identify and add PPOs that allow a solid level of profitability,
  3. Doctors buying practices to structure participation in the most optimized manner and get credentialed with insurance plans that assure continuity from seller to buyer.

As practices improve ppo participation, or structure it appropriately, a myriad of benefits occur including higher income, less stress, more professional satisfaction and a more enjoyable practice.

If you’d like to learn more, please give us a call at 623-466-9649 or fill out one of the information request boxes on our site. Thanks again for visiting!