If you’ve got an established practice and are considering starting to take PPOs, or even adding a few new PPOs it is a big decision.How can you sign up for plans and do the least amount of damage to your existing revenues? How will it impact your current patients? Should you sign up for a […]

New practice

Many dentists chose to participate with PPOs when starting a scratch practice. And many times it is the right thing to do!But with the dozens of different plans, shared networks and third-party administrators and what are often HUGE differences in fee schedules how can you be sure to enroll in the right plans, and do […]

write-offs and

If your practice is already participating with numerous PPOs you may be feeling frustrated, angry or even depressed with low profit margins because of the PPO fees. Insurance participation is a complex mix of different fee schedules, different networks, different relationships, different rules and different options. The good news is this — the more plans […]

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Our team approach is geared towards: Improving the PPO profitability of established practices, Helping practices (either start-ups or established practices) to identify and add PPOs that allow a solid level of profitability, Doctors buying practices to structure participation in the most optimized manner and get credentialed with insurance plans that assure continuity from seller to […]

Dental PPO’s

For many dentists who are participating with PPO’s they find themselves in a difficult position: 1. They need patients to treat in order to keep the business going and earn their paycheck 2. They find it harder to earn a profit as they are treating more patients at low fees. The thought of no longer […]